[draft - posted 2 December, 2019]

Jeannette has received suggestions as to the (for wont of a better description) “guidelines” for future presentations, as follows:

  1. that all suggested offerings, either by those wishing to share a topic, or to invite a guest speaker, be first run by you (Jeannette) or Kate, for approval, otherwise we may became swamped by conspiracy theories and new age healing modalities.
  2. This Jeannette could do from overseas.
  3. These topics need to be booked in a month in advance.
  4. The Declaration of Human Rights that Kate started  –we only covered 9 out of the 33 in that one meeting. We could easily spend another 3 or 4 weeks on the topic. Those present were really engaged in the discussion.  It could be interspersed throughout the months.
  5. Celia did not make rules about money but relied on the good will of attendees but I suggest a small sign saying ‘Minimum $5 Donation for Rent’. This is the method  I use in events I have had in the past. It also gives room for people to give more.
  6. Some leeway to allow spontaneity of discussion — which can result in people talking over one another (in a good way). Spontaneity can lift the energy and generate greater insights, ah-hahs, etc. At all times, the presenter can guide with “one at a time please”. Or for those who missed something important, ask the speaker to repeat, “Could you say that again please I did not hear what you just said?” Usually someone  else says, “I didn’t hear it either”.
  7. a preference for Marvel Hall. With nature outside the window. And no other people using the building, it’s quiet (at least until the Ballet people come in noisily at 3.15–3.30pm).
  8. If money becomes a problem we could look for a free space.

david_bohm_and_jiddu_krishnamurti.jpgSome additional points (by Stephen)

Krishnamurti with David Bohm (on the right)

I think some awareness of Bohm Dialogue, or “world-cafe”  style of processes would be beneficial. In that contributions are to be couched within the context of the goal of the presenter, or facilitator.

Also, some exposition of how and/or why the presentation will be of use, and of value to those attending. Practical examples of benefits to wellbeing, knowledge and behaviours would be a key element. That is, a question by those attending, such as, “as I go about my day, how are these ideas going to help me, in my work, relationships?” should be able to be clearly articulated by the presenter.