Sept. 2020 - supplemental

Further to our newsletter of a few days ago, there's been a few developments worth mentioning.

  1. We've had feedback that there is interest in meeting to discuss the teachings of Krishnamurti. I've posted an article citing a video that dovetails his philosophy with that of physicist David Bohm, in Infinite Potential: The Life & Ideas of David Bohm (highly recommended). We're working to schedule a meeting at this point to be held in Murwillumbah. If you're interested in this subject, but travel is a challenge, contact us to discuss shared travel arrangements. Also, at this point, it seems meeting Saturday morning 9.30am - 11.30am is the optimal time. In any case, you'll need to contact us for meeting details, as it's not yet, it seems, prudent to openly state location and time of meeting.
  2. We've upgraded the website enabling each recipient of this newsletter to post articles, new and events that are aligned with the guidelines of the group. In particular, the last paragraph is I think the salient point:

    some exposition of how and/or why the presentation1 will be of use, and of value to those attending. Practical examples of benefits to wellbeing, knowledge and behaviours would be a key element. That is, a question by those attending, such as, “as I go about my day, how are these ideas going to help me, in my work, relationships?” should be able to be clearly articulated by the presenter.

  3. Expanding on the subjects in the previous newsletter, I'd expect there'd be interest in meeting to share strategies to offset what is now seen as a gross over-reaction to the pandemic, as revealed in this article Belgian Doctors "no medical justification for any emergency policy anymore".
  4. as per previous, we're calling for topics for discussion, and (if Saturday morning is unsuitable), what other times are not suitable?

Sept. 2020

Welcome to our September 2020 newsletter, the first using the website newsletter function that was generated using Celia's email list. This functionality allows email recipients to unsubscribe from receiving future mail-outs.

A small group of us are discussing restarting Byron Sophia discussion groups, with a view to holding them in Mullumbimby or other accessible venues (suggestions for preferred time, day also welcomed).


I sat down to enjoy a few beers and lunch with friend (Emma) the other day, and before I could share what I'd been thinking would be a great topic for a Byron Sophia meeting, without prompting Emma mentions how 'toxic femininity' would be the complementary form of 'toxic masculinity'.

Talk about synchronicity — over the previous few days I'd been mulling over how that exact topic could be approached, what whiteboard topics would ideally encapsulate the subject, how to spot each. Whereas the masculine form is easy-as to see, the feminine form ... well that's grist for the discussion mill, imo. Being alert to both can offset confusion, and better equip us when encountering either, both.

Anyway, that was one idea.

Another was to re-visit the "Courage to be disliked" group meet we had earlier this year.