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    Thanks Jeannette,

    Some of the comments from the youtube video (included here in case the video, along with the comments are censored).

    bbtw, emojis cause the server to crash, so they've been edited out.

    Kirstin Strand,

    Sane, intelligent minds are rare these days. Thank you for your information.

    Anya Zaya,

    Thank you!!!

    Beverly Adams,


    Bull Sh,

    How coincidental, every sort of pharmaceutical, "bandaid over illness", med now features face diaper wearing actors and actresses in their ads and commercials. Don't be too surprised when pet dogs, cats, iguanas, rats, mice, frogs, turtles and gerbils will be fitted with, as designed, face bras, pads and diapers.

    veronica strand

    I do understand... the corrupt system OMG plus all the countries in the world except Trump wants to kill people to reduced population. This is scaring is very good to know people star to react against the system. The point is ...people believe in COVID and the system.


    Arrests are needed. Fauci, Bill and Melinda Gates, CDC, World leaders who locked down their nations and all of the WHO for starters! This is an evil on a whole new level!!! It must be stopped!

    Adeiza Schecter

    Lets to learn from who knows better about this Covid-19 . Here is Dr.Wolfgang Wodarg.

    Mark LINY

    What about all the patents that prove that this is a deception and being encapsulated in nanotechnology that is released from freq. that are connected to 5gee that went from 5gh to60+gh as well as 6-7gee also that dest. O2 molecules causing identical symptoms and people redirected to nursing homes where they are blocked from family and told their loved one didn’t make it and the people who were put on ventilators breathing in whatever they had been connected to and masks that on the package it specifically says that they do not protect against any virus,pathogens,or bacteria all to bring in their totlitarn gvt neWorldorder! People need to look into agenda 21 dpop of95percnt&patents created and pharmaCo’s in us are mostly connected to the one in china this guy is lying straight up noTheory stay away from hosp get you body ph above 7-8 and no pathogens or free radicals can survive! Look into nano tech with fivGee I live in ny and havnt seen 1 effected ind. but a life long friend awoke to not being able to take in any air and was able to dial for help but couldn’t talk and they arrived as he was turning blue but he survived and was told it wasn’t the vrs I believe it was the new gen. of tch. put in very quietly and fast! I trust no one with all the docs I have read and am still reading this is all bs to scare people into the vx which is what will do their will as we all have been breathing nanotech smaller than a bldcell. These grphs are cre8d bicentr4disCre8tion&cntrl!

    Victor Santoy

    Covid Act Now - America’s COVID Warning System - Covid Act Now

    https://covidactnow.org/?s=1127254 this is the Rockefeller new ramp up to try to make everything go faster this is all bulshit everybody

    Carol 70-year-old English NATIONALIST

    How far down the corrupt rabbit hole is our individual governments?

    Veronica Blandon

    Thank you for stepping up to speak the truth, every generation has to fight for its freedom. It is our turn NOW!

    Karen Kurdijinian

    What a good human ,genuine heart ..thank you Doctor

    Karen Kurdijinian

    Always when the nature is Born when it’s spring and autumn when the nature die it’s a living change could be the body is not ready biological temperature is changing and if the body is week it will take or be influenced from anything outside that breaks our protective outside property we don’t see

    Karen Kurdijinian

    We must have reform in medicine more advanced technology must be used

    Karen Kurdijinian

    Many percentage of the doctors must pay attention on the lymphatic system to make researches more where we can change the whole lymph system as a property in the body to start the white river and it’s freeway roads and what it is carrying

    Karen Kurdijinian

    Thanks all who bravely will bring truth as medical doctors that have medical responsibilities to understand what’s going on with the body aura and it’s properties to help the biological organism as one

    Un Known

    This doctor changed my whole view towards this world !!!!!! I need to start learning deconstructing information that I received and fully understand before I run with it !!!!! Best video I’ve seen in a long time


    Jeffrey Epstein funded or was affiliated with these scientists who promote the pandemic theory: https://thebridgelifeinthemix.info/australia/pandemic-pseudo-science-bor...


    I'm confused about the Hydroxychloroquine info here. I thought Fauci and the WHO were against it...

    Thomas Schinkel

    Dr. Wobarg, you're the best. Thank you. You give me courage.

    Sharon Jacobs

    I am so glad I was lead to this video. Dr. Wolfgang Wodarg is a beautiful soul, a beautiful human being, a beautiful man and a beautiful caring doctor. I and here in the US and boy how I wish we had doctors like Dr. Wolfgang (I am sure there are some but few and far between). This was a wonderful treat, very informative, and validating. I am almost 64 plus years old. I can't remember the last time I had a cold. I have never had the flu (nor a flu shot). I can't remember the last time I had a headache or an upset stomach. I don't have aches and pains (except self-induced, [not strectching]. I don't take medication (over the counter or prescribe). I eat real whole food (purchased at the neighborhood market and cooked at home). I (try) to walk outside daily. I live in gratitude. I was born and raised in CA, but my parents came from the (Jim Crow) South. I have old southern ways, thoughts, and outlook about life, living, and the world. I also have what my grandfather called "mother wit." I have never been to medical school and I couldn't tell you where one is, but I understand the basics about living things (including viruses). All living things have a life cycle; creation (birth), live, and then die. Mutation starts at conception and at birth death begins. From the beginning of the widespread coronavirus fearmongering, I chose not to panic; I chose not to worry and I chose not to fear the virus. I take the best care of myself to the best of my ability (to which I am grateful) and I choose to live until my expiration date. Thank you both so very much for this video.


    Jeannette Hassberg

    At 52.28, the "de-bunking" of hydroxychloroquine, Dr. Wodarg does not even touch on questions of dosage. Del Bigtree (the Highwire) has exposed the fact that the drug, effective at 200mg twice a week, was administered at the level of 1200 mg. daily, causing disastrous results. So attributing the death rate to the drug is possibly an (inadvertent) error. Nobody is questioning the questionable effects of Remdesevir, etc.


    One of the best doctors in the world

    Paul Carey

    It is time to silence the "public health" experts and let the pathologists control the narrative.

    30:00 + The doctor describes a complication associated with G6PD deficiency. This is an issue with Chloroquine and not hydroxychloroquine


    The Maybelle Heart

    The Maybelle Heart

    2 months ago (edited)

    Hello! Thanks for this - which I discovered through this link:


    It will require a little patience to read through, but very interesting analogy between the Spanish Flu and the roll out of radio pointed out:


    This is antecdotal from here on - but in late December 2020 a 5g tower was installed very near by me. On December 25, 2020 I noticed many WIFI routers in my building turned on the 5g signal.

    By late February, I was noticing some shortness of breath.

    By March 12th, it seemed to stick around 24/7, like a little monkey on my chest.

    By March 26th, believed I had COVID-19 after two weeks of struggling to breath. I believed it almost killed me, but in full disclosure, did not go to hospital or get tested. I did have a strange feeling this is what saved my life - not going to the hospital and not getting ventilated -

    About another week later, early April ish, I felt the worst past, but still struggling with breathing issues. I figured it was auto pollution and poor air quality and bought air purifiers. They did seem to help somewhat, but it still persists - ie COVID-19 'permanent' lung damage.

    Initially, I could not believe the theory that COVID-19 was a cover up for 5g. But as I've researched more on the effects of EMF, shortness of breath is a symptom.

    Meanwhile, let me say that I have more recently obtained a cheap measuring device for EMFs to find that my bedroom, bathroom area has ambient EMF levels of around 13 mG, which is 13x's higher than what is deemed safe by the most generous of doctors but still below the ludicrous US standard of 60mG. I'd say 0.5Mg is more typically cited as safe. Yes EMF are in nature but at much much much lower levels.

    So basically my gut instinct telling me I was being cooked from the inside out? Correct! Massive pick up in eye floaters, tinnitus, loss of smell 6 weeks after 'recovering' from COVID 19. ETC Including symptoms that mimic MS.

    Cleaned the place up (EMF wise) and actually feeling pretty good for once today. Neighbor shows up for work next door today - I hear a 3 second tinnitus squeel and my ambient reading in the front of my place (not the toxic back area which is always high - I've written off that space and will never sleep in my bedroom again unless resolved) goes from 0.0 to 0.2 - noting that this cheap meter does not read the bulk of 5g frequencies. As in - now there is someone in the close vicinity on 5G/ wireless.

    Again - all very anticdotal but I feel compelled to ask if Dr. Wodarg has opinions on COVID-19/5g available in English.

    Was wondering also is 5g is yet prevalent in Europe. Managed to find this:


    I had a forced upgrade to my iphone (auto updates were turned OFF) - so no doubt - I totally buy what you are saying - this is basically an assault on our civil rights. Forced update on the two main phone platforms. Funny thing - I don't even use the health app - because I figured no good could come of such an invention. But I suppose that won't matter one way or the other. I could not find a way to uninstall it.



    https://heavy.com/news/2020/07/americas-frontline-doctors-website-expire... this is being disappeared pls share

    Paula Matsikidze

    Thank you so much, so informative, so courageous, we need more good people speaking out and spreading truth.


    The question around 25 min. about doctors taking the virus as something very novel is best demonstrated by 2 doctors in California.


    The moment they tried to say, "Hey this is not all so bad" was the moment that they were attacked by the Media. The message to other doctors I think was very clear. The same happened in Italy and Germany. Get out of line and you will be attacked. Lets remember, these people were specialists and not some keyboard warriors.

    Who tricked who will be a problem with Covid-19. Why ? Because the Western Elite are using it to make HUGE changes in Western Society. So there is some mechanism of "lockstep" being utilized around this Event and I have a hard time believing that it was just "The Chinese tricked us" at play here.

    Edyta Buda

    Thank you for this interview. I heard about Dr W and I was looking for English version. I am going to share with friends

    James Grit

    Goed interview dankzij Wodarg. Gelukkig verprutst de gammele interviewer met zijn tenenkrommende "Nengels" het niet te veel (hij reageert op het gezegde alsof hij nauwelijk een idee heeft waar het over gaat - en maar "geleerd" vingeren met die bril - ergerlijk).

    Susann W

    Thank you for this Interview in english with Dr. Wodarg. So helpful. A must to listen to be able to make up your mind.


    Thanks Cafe Weltschmerz and Dr. Wodarg! WELL DONE. If only people would LISTEN to Mr.Wodarg, many people could be SAVED. Many panic could be DELETED from our dayly lifes. This Corona-Fear is so unnatural, we get flu, and we get antibodies for the flu from our own immun-sysytem. Weak people can go to Quarantaine, but the HEALTHY people are not in danger. The Lockdown must stop, it kills MORE PEOPLE then the flu.

    Jay Humphreys

    Wow. How refreshing. Love this guy! And the interviewer as well. Nice work!

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    e.g. re No long-term safety testing.

    They (so-called 'fact-checker' website) write "many of those (data) gaps are already filled at this point."

    Bullshit -- how can you have data from 5 or 10 years of testing, prior to those 5 or 10 years!!

    The sheer audacity, duplicity and malevolence of these people beggars belief..

    update Sat. July 17

    It's occurred to me that those who don't or won't review the data that reveal the covid vaccines are (for some) deadly, are like the Eloi in H.G. Wells' The Time Machine. They obediently go to their doom, without qualms.

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    Noticed a 'fact-checker' website has attempted to debunk the above 18 reasons by using ridiculous arguments.

    E.g. Vaccine manufacturers are free of liability, even when their products occasionally cause death, and frequent permanent injury. They write "Without this liability protection, vaccine manufacturers were unwilling to supply the government with vaccines."

    So, I guess a car manufacturer can produce a car that when driven, occasionally blows up, killing or permanently maiming the occupants. But hey, let's give them immunity from prosecution, because otherwise they wouldn't produce their dangerous vehicles, and we need vehicles, right?

    And let's ignore the evidence that Ivermectin (see article this site) is now known to not only prevent covid, but treats it as well. Which means if Ivermectin was widely distributed, there'd be NO need of lock-downs, no need of masks, and definitely NO need of vaccines.

    A while back I saw a video by Dr Scott Jensen, "You're being played". Yep, big time, even more so now.

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    Following on (started auto-playing) after the previous youtube video, is the following video about natural healing (using Vit. D). YouTube usually censors natural wellness methodologies, especially when they include pro-choice (anti-vax) content, as is detailed in the previous comment's video.

    It's often advised that in order to figure out what's really going on, just follow the money. So why would Google censor natural remedies to disease that are known to be effective ... and cheap? Well, there's the answer. There's  little to no money in promoting natural remedies (like Vit. D/sunshine, vit. C, etc). As Dr Lee Merritt reveals in her presentation, very few people die from Covid when they have sufficient Vit. D. But hey, Vit. D is cheap (or free when from sunshine), so no point in promoting that, there's no money in it. But an experimental 'vaccine' with many side-effects (requiring expensive down-stream medications)? -- promote promote promote, 24/7.

    Maybe they'll censor this and the previous one in due course?


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    We'd like to invite everyone to the last conference before Dec. 21st. we have gathered together some of the best Elders in the Country, this will be as good as it gets... come join us.

    Our Latest Vid about Uluru, Our Next Conference & Trolls:


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